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Brought to Life

My work illustrating children's books spanned thirty years and thirteen books. Over the last fifteen years, I've maintained a small schedule of Book Talks at elementary schools. Find out how you can arrange to have audiences of all ages in your area hear me talk about the making of books and see me create sketches - the impromptu animal sketches, a perennial favorite for young and old.

I invite you to treat your students to a day of fascinating, interactive, and often hilarious presentations. From Vermont to Florida to Colorado, I’ve been told that children have been captivated, entertained and encouraged to follow their dreams by my school presentations.

Each presentation begins with a discussion about how and why I became an illustrator.
I talk about how I work, and offer some personal encouragement and advice to the kids on what it takes to achieve their goals and dreams. Next is a projected laptop presentation of one of my books, complete with narration and music.

About to start my one minute sketch of an animal playing sports.

About to start my one minute sketch of an animal playing sports.

The presentation culminates with an impromptu drawing session where I take ideas from the audience for a sketch. Before I draw on the large sketch pad, I randomly select, from a roomful of wildly-waving hands, one child to decide on an animal and another on a sport for that animal to try. The spontaneity and excitement of this interactive session usually “brings the house down,” and the kids leave the room full of energy and a renewed confidence in their dreams, artistic or otherwise.

For details about booking - honorarium, full content of presentation, and preparing for the day

I am happy to sign and personalize any of the books I’ve illustrated that the children already own, and I can also provide books for sale at the end of each day. I’ve created a book order form that can go home to parents in the “backpack express.” These are made available to the school well in advance of the presentation date. See a sample book order form. Take a look at a sample poster for your school.

You can call or text me at (603) 801-6049
or email me for more information.
Go to Animolympics to view more of my impromptu sketches, and learn more about all of the children’s books I’ve illustrated.

I hope I have interested you in a visit to your school!
I look forward to talking with you about your schedule. 

Email me for more information.