Henry the Sailor Cat

by Mary Calhoun

ISBN 0-688-10840-7 (Trade edition)
ISBN 0-688-10841-5 (Library edition)
ISBN 0-688-15846-3 (Paperback)

1994 Published by Morrow Junior Books
1998 Published by Mulberry Books


Who says cats don't like water? A seagoing Siamese named Henry loves it! As The Man and The Kid cast off for a glorious day of sailing, Henry sneaks aboard their sailboat. Yow-meow! Did they think he'd stay ashore when there were dolphins, whales, and other sea animals to see? And what about the feel of the cool ocean breeze on his whiskers, or the gentle rocking of the boat under his feet? He just had to find out what sailing was all about! The Man is annoyed to discover his feline stowaway --but when a storm springs up suddenly, it is Henry's sure-pawed seamanship that saves the day. Mary Calhoun's rollicking story and Erick Ingraham's breathtaking illustrations create an unforgettable nautical adventure that will keep this spunky cat's many fans turning the pages.


"The intrepid Siamese cat Henry of Cross-Country Cat returns in a new adventure - this time on a sailboat. Henry's family - the Man, the Woman, and the Kid - are in agreement that Henry will not like sailing because cats do not like water. But Henry, determined not to be left behind, slips away and gets on board unobserved at the fuel dock. Uncomfortable below, he goes on deck to be greeted by the horrified Man and the amused Kid. Insouciantly, he climbs to the top of the mast and uses it as an observation post; he calls out to dolphins and watches as the Man teaches the Kid to steer. Only our hero Henry sees the Man fall overboard and alerts the Kid, pointing in the right direction and yowling. With Henry's guidance, the Kid rescues the Man, and they race home before the oncoming storm. An exiting, happy tale with a remarkably clever hero, illustrated with handsome, realistic sailing scenes and lively portraits of Henry that reveal his distinctive personality." - HORN BOOK 9/94

"That intrepid Siamese cat, Henry, is back in another satisfying adventure. This time he is a stowaway on a small sloop that two members of his family are taking out for a sail. Once discovered, Henry proves that cats are natural sailors. He climbs the mast for a full view, spots cavorting dolphins, and watches carefully while The Man gives The Kid a lesson on coming about and stopping the boat. When the adult accidentally slips overboard, it is quick-thinking Henry who leads the rescue. Ingraham finely detailed, realistic watercolor illustrations are full of expression, and interesting perspectives make the feline's daring escapades totally believable. Seamlessly complementing the art is a text that captures the lure of sailing("The water lapped gently, as if it was stroking the boat.") The practices portrayed are authentic, and the exciting rescue makes this as on-the-edge-of-your-seat read-aloud."--SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL-A starred review. 5/94

"Children who have followed this cat's adventures as a cross-country skier, a high-wire walker, and a hot-air balloonist will surely want to be in on the adventure when he stows away on a sailboat. The Man (as Henry calls him) takes the Kid out on the ocean for a day of sailing. Initially annoyed to find Henry aboard, the Man changes his mind when Henry saves him from drowning. A storm breaks, the Man falls overboard, and the Kid (who was in the cabin at the time) must find his dad in the rough waters and steer the sailboat toward him with only Henry as his guide. Yes, the story is a bit unlikely, but the cat's point of view is utterly convincing, and Henry's fans will be pleased to find this smart Siamese playing the hero once again. With its realistic approach, fine lines, and delicate shades of color, Ingraham's artwork is a riveting part of the storytelling. A satisfying read-aloud."--BOOKLIST 5/94

"Sure to appeal to Henry's fans and other cat lovers." KIRKUS REVIEWS

The Siamese star of High-Wire Henry goes to sea, climbs to the top of the mast, does a little whale-watching and helps rescue a man overboard. "As in other Henry outings," said PW, "the realistic artwork lends a touch of authenticity to farfetched feline antics." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLYApril 1998

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