Old Blue

by Sibyl Hancock
Erick Ingraham's third illustrated children's book assignment: it followed Cross-Country Cat

ISBN 0-399-61141-X

Published in 1980 by G.P. Putnam's Sons

American Library Association - Notable Book of 1980
A See and Read Book


"I don't like the looks of the sky," one cowboy said. "It could be a norther!"
Davey shivered. He was on his first trail drive, leading a heard of longhorns north, with his favorite steer, Old Blue. It would take two months for the cowboys to reach Dodge City from Palo Duro Canyon, Texas. The Goodnight Ranch seemed far away as Davey bent his head against the wind, guiding his horse through the blinding sleet and snow. A streak of lightning flashed and the longhorns'hooves pounded the dirt. "Stampede!" Pa cried through the whirling snow.

Sibyl Hancock has written an engaging, exciting Western, illustrated with dramatic, windswept drawings by Erick Ingraham.